Friday, November 27, 2009

Saturday Sessions 1.2

Pick a gait and start on the center line. Half circle 10 m to the right, sharp turn to the left, short diagnol, half circle to the left and halt at X.

More advanced versions:
Smaller half circles. Random transitions. Add lengthening/medium/extension on the diagnol. Add half steps on the circle. Add flying lead change, simple change if going in the canter. Counter canter on half circle and pirouette on the turns.


I love center line work. You don't have the cheat of the rail to keep straight. It also has a degree of risk about working in the open.

But working center lines can be boring, tedious, and not always productive. By incorporating the two half circles (ala first level test two), you test straightness and flexibility. The second circle especially sets up for the halt at X. The short diagnol leaves a lot of options open, initially use it to teach balance on long lines, bu work toward develop lengthenings and later add to it for the flying or simple change.

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