Sunday, March 27, 2011

Little lion man

April is the cruelest month, said T.S. Elliot, but I don't think he's lived in Kentucky in March.

Between a basketball-obsessed town (local team made it to the Final Four) and the weather, sometimes things just don't work out to plan.

Came home from Stephen's clinic and we hit the ground at first with a stumble then a solid run. The pony didn't want to leave her vacation spot, Sincere wanted to help in assisting to catch the pony, and I spent a solid hour walking up and down hills, much to my behind's amusement. 

We worked a solid three days this week (with the intent of doing four) and Sinari felt great, reeling off changes, doing consistent, difficult lines and getting good works in. Zero tension. Then the temps tanked and like the water on the ground, her back froze and everything that she could do, went underground. 

No bueno.

She feels prepared to see Christoph again, but not prepared enough to show what she really knows. Either way it will be a learning experience and I should have interesting video to post here.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Shameless self promotion

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Saturday, March 19, 2011

HeLlo HeLlo

It's the wee early hours of the morning (alright it's 7am after the time change) and the weather has been too nice to stay inside. So no blogging.

The week was busy to say the least, between three clinics (Stephen Bradley this week, Christoph next and two weeks after Debbie McDonald) to execute and prepare for, finding riders, creating media campaigns, attending the L program, riding and that pesky thing called a day job it's hard for a girl to catch a break.

Last week I went up to Ohio to finish out the B session of the L program. Everything went well and all participants, from my experience had a good time. These sessions only serve to improve the community and create better future judges. We went through the entire scale and the use of marks. Plus there was also a lot of side discussion of judge fetishes. In the end, I came home ready to work again. There is something strange about the effect the program has on me, it creates the expectation that if I am to judge then it's my responsibility to ride the test as physically as best I can.

The pony is doing fantastically for coming back into fitness. We worked thoroughly on bending and quality of movement through short periods of time. Sessions maybe, at most last a half hour at this point before she's tired. She is still a little sticky in the walk-canter transitions.

In two weeks we have Christoph Hess (I Judge) coming to view us and eight of our closet friends and then maybe the Debbie McDonald clinic.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Have you ever seen the rain?

It feels like I've gone in to the wrong sport with all the rain. It feels like I should be growing hydroponics instead of ponies.

Falling in to the I can't believe it's already March crowd, it feels like February just blinked by.

Unfortunately the weather has not. 

It's been non-stop rain and at best a slow pace to get ready for the season. It really does suck to have your arena under water, and be regulated to indoors. We did manage to get off the property and school in another arena, which rocked.

But all progress made over the winter and the two months came to a temporary grinding halt and pushed the season back to June.

Sinari came in heat strongly this year and it knocked not only her changes out of the equation, but locked up her entire right side for the week. The poor pony, who normally gives so much couldn't tolerate light sessions or have the attention span for it. She was lightly ridden, and worked on. 

-Ride as many times as the weather will allow
Check. The weather lightened up enough to get in a solid two weeks in.
-half halts
Much better. She comes back faster and is much better prepared.
Walk-trot is coming along great, the canter-walk is a little sticky at the moment. Transitions within gaits are coming along well.
-Regain fitness (horse and rider)
Started, I feel that this is ongoing.
-Prepare materials for L program
Did. Binders are ready and waiting to go for this weekend. Need to finish HW.
-run through second and third level
Ran through second, schooled elements of third
-big, bold changes
bold, not so big. 

-Ride as much as the weather will allow
-Prepare for Christoph's visit
-L program
-Run through third
-work on walk turn on the haunches
-Half pass and lateral work
-Purchase new dress boots