Wednesday, March 13, 2013

A soft place to fall

The sport is full of trial and error.

You try, you make errors, you fix, and you try again.

I haven't had real show downtime in the past few months, it's mostly been fix on the fly.

I'm really debating about scaling the show season back a couple notches for the pony. There are shows I definitely want to go to if everything is in order. I know that there will be a number of schooling shows to haul to and work out kinds. But mostly I want to concentrate on the final climb to Grand Prix and cleaning up our acts.

Yes, I said it, Grand Prix.

Back in summer I was ready to retire her out, but lately she's been finding more gears. She's fitter than she ever was, she readily offers three and four steps of piaffe in hand and has been turning in stronger collection. The one's are coming, I just need eyes on the ground to spot things.

I know putting everything on and together will take the better part of a year, but in the end I think it's at least worth going to.

Other than that it's the same old thing different day.