Sunday, February 26, 2012


The weather has finally been positively bi-polar. While the temps keep swinging from 30 to 65, at least it's dry enough to go for a few trot sets outside during the nice patches of warm.

We were all so sick of working just in the arena that getting into the fields was a huge relief.

While Sinari has been getting stronger in the collection and in fitness (she's finally getting the coordination for the pir's and the piaffe), her heat cycle has also become stronger and seemingly never ending. I think namely because of the weather and also the fitness level she's obtaining. Normally, she's an easy ride, but when cycling she pulls out the driving pony card and plows.

I don't blame her, cramps suck and she's using herself way more.

It also notes the start of going back to the summer program of Adequan, chiro, and other support system so we can continue on. But this year we might be adding something new to the mix, Reg-u-mate. I've never had her on any seasonal mare products because she hasn't cycled to the point where it became an issue or to where she was uncomfortable. But now, have to consider that too.

It sucks keeping her on the summer rotation, but to keep her comfortable in the work, she needs support. 

 Sincere is also scheduled to start back into the program. Officially bringing him in at the start of May to begin working again.

Between all of this, is scheduling the season out and travel plans. 

James Houston's clinic is almost full. I've had such a positive response for him that only two spots are left. If anyone wants to join, they would do well to speak up sooner than later. Going to try to have him back and the end of April or start of May if things work out well.

Christoph Hess is in May, and hopefully at the end of March, Shannon Peters will be doing something in Wellington. Never mind fall clinics at this point, getting through spring and summer is a priority. Then there are the shows, which I have a rough idea of at this point. I still need to roll through 4-2. 

I also have a few things to do in RI and CA, which is a long story, and I still have to do taxes, but for now, get through this week.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Shameless promotion: James Houston Clinic

For those interested and/or in the area, James Houston is coming to Lexington, Kentucky.

James is an FEI rider and trainer, who has ridden for Silver Wood Farms (Art Deco, Sympatico, Hall of Fame), has helped out numerous riders of all disciplines up the ladder. His students encompass everyone from adult amateurs to professionals, from FEI horses (eventing and dressage) to young horses.

I think this is a nice opportunity for people who want a low-key clinic to prep up for the first few shows of the season with a rider who has a good eye for not just riding a test, but really addressing and fixing issues.

Rides are $145, open to everyone.

Interested people should get in touch with me at: or 859/699-7383

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Keep on Keepin' on

It's almost March, and we're starting to feel the competitive itch and pull of the season.

It really doesn't help that friends are already out there competing with huge amounts of success and great scores. Nor does it help that we're pretty much regulated to the indoors with minimal time to condition out in the fields. The indoor, while usually productive feels somewhat tedious when you don't have time to be outside.

It doesn't mean that we aren't working well. Her trot work is especially strong now, with a good amount of carry and expression. Her piaffe and passage are coming a long. The canter tour work is a sticking point, with her cycling hard the sitting and compression comes and goes. It's harder when she needs to be adjusted. So we've laid off on the huge amounts of compression until she's adjusted and back on Polyglycan.

She's also has become incredibly smart about the changes. Tempis? No issue. She's been throwing the 1's more which is fun.

I still want to roll through 4-2, and see where we're at and I also want video so I can see my problems...

But I guess I'm really waiting for spring because of Sincere. The boy is turning three this year, and I'm excited to bring him back into training. I'm sure he is as well, he seemed a little miffed that he got chucked out for the winter. But come April or May he'll be back in the program and training. I can't wait too, it's going to be a big building year for him as he actually transitions into a career.

I can't be more excited for him or hopeful or wondering where the hell we're going in this handbasket... 

Sunday, February 12, 2012

One of these days

 According to my phone it's 20 degrees. But it's really 4. There's snow on the ground and my motivation has dwindled like the temps. What's worse is that Netflix is running movies like Wintervention and Endless Winter across my favorites and suggestions.

Their humor is not appreciated.

So, I've taken to catching up on the reading. 

A recent post over at Eventing Nation kinda made me rethink a bunch of things.

A lot of people have bucket lists (a list of stuff that you want to do or accomplish before you kick the bucket) and at one point I thought they were hokey. Namely because of the people writing them wanted to scale K2, run an ultra marathon or launch themselves out of a perfectly functioning airplane.

All of those, while great, aren't remotely fun. In fact, you can count me out.

Then Annie posted this.

And then it kinda made sense. So I started throwing together a bucket list for my own goals. Among them is to ride as many times to Grand Prix as I physically can, consistency, and some interesting show venues. But more intrinsically, being a good person ranks in there too.

Between the bad weather we have been able to ride.

Rides have been concentrating on the quality of compression and rotation on the pir's. Sinari has been gaining more and more balance and more and more compression in the canter tour work. She's also getting smart about the changes to the point where I have to really be sure I'm counting otherwise she'll throw three's and two's in. The trot tour is still by far the easiest for her at the moment and the lateral work in it has been class.

The cold has also made her forget the half halt.

She's due out to start trot sets soon if the weather clears out. Hopefully we'll be able to roll through 4-2. 

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Roll away your stone

It's been a catch up week with everything.

We all got back last week and now the tedious part of unpacking, reorganizing and setting up camp up here again.

Everyone has settled in well an have gotten back to work. If there is one small perk is that the weather has been mild this year in Kentucky (I'm sure we're going to pay for it later), but rainy. We're already on track to match what we did last year. So we're regulated to the indoor until the weather and footing clears out.

Which is depressing.

But, it's time well spent. I just wish I could hack out and work on some of the cardio stuff.

Being home also means seeing the young guy in his winter grounds.

Sincere hasn't changed personality wise since I chucked him out on the hills for the winter. Still goofy, protective, macho. He's looking pretty good and should be ready to come back in around April or so.

With spring becoming more inevitable, and with January over, it's time to start moving on to February goals. 

-Compression/Rotation for Sinari
Check. The pir's finally feel solid and compressed. The canter feels so much more organized.
-Solid counting for changes
Done with difficulty. She now has to do the changes without taking over or loosing balance which is harder, so we're back to contract negotiations.
-Educated zig zags
I finally got this down without being a total moron about it!
-Upping the balance point
Done, it's making that feeling the go-to point through fitness that needs to happen next.

-Half Steps
-Roll through 4-2, PSG
-Compression, rotation