Sunday, February 26, 2012


The weather has finally been positively bi-polar. While the temps keep swinging from 30 to 65, at least it's dry enough to go for a few trot sets outside during the nice patches of warm.

We were all so sick of working just in the arena that getting into the fields was a huge relief.

While Sinari has been getting stronger in the collection and in fitness (she's finally getting the coordination for the pir's and the piaffe), her heat cycle has also become stronger and seemingly never ending. I think namely because of the weather and also the fitness level she's obtaining. Normally, she's an easy ride, but when cycling she pulls out the driving pony card and plows.

I don't blame her, cramps suck and she's using herself way more.

It also notes the start of going back to the summer program of Adequan, chiro, and other support system so we can continue on. But this year we might be adding something new to the mix, Reg-u-mate. I've never had her on any seasonal mare products because she hasn't cycled to the point where it became an issue or to where she was uncomfortable. But now, have to consider that too.

It sucks keeping her on the summer rotation, but to keep her comfortable in the work, she needs support. 

 Sincere is also scheduled to start back into the program. Officially bringing him in at the start of May to begin working again.

Between all of this, is scheduling the season out and travel plans. 

James Houston's clinic is almost full. I've had such a positive response for him that only two spots are left. If anyone wants to join, they would do well to speak up sooner than later. Going to try to have him back and the end of April or start of May if things work out well.

Christoph Hess is in May, and hopefully at the end of March, Shannon Peters will be doing something in Wellington. Never mind fall clinics at this point, getting through spring and summer is a priority. Then there are the shows, which I have a rough idea of at this point. I still need to roll through 4-2. 

I also have a few things to do in RI and CA, which is a long story, and I still have to do taxes, but for now, get through this week.

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