Sunday, February 12, 2012

One of these days

 According to my phone it's 20 degrees. But it's really 4. There's snow on the ground and my motivation has dwindled like the temps. What's worse is that Netflix is running movies like Wintervention and Endless Winter across my favorites and suggestions.

Their humor is not appreciated.

So, I've taken to catching up on the reading. 

A recent post over at Eventing Nation kinda made me rethink a bunch of things.

A lot of people have bucket lists (a list of stuff that you want to do or accomplish before you kick the bucket) and at one point I thought they were hokey. Namely because of the people writing them wanted to scale K2, run an ultra marathon or launch themselves out of a perfectly functioning airplane.

All of those, while great, aren't remotely fun. In fact, you can count me out.

Then Annie posted this.

And then it kinda made sense. So I started throwing together a bucket list for my own goals. Among them is to ride as many times to Grand Prix as I physically can, consistency, and some interesting show venues. But more intrinsically, being a good person ranks in there too.

Between the bad weather we have been able to ride.

Rides have been concentrating on the quality of compression and rotation on the pir's. Sinari has been gaining more and more balance and more and more compression in the canter tour work. She's also getting smart about the changes to the point where I have to really be sure I'm counting otherwise she'll throw three's and two's in. The trot tour is still by far the easiest for her at the moment and the lateral work in it has been class.

The cold has also made her forget the half halt.

She's due out to start trot sets soon if the weather clears out. Hopefully we'll be able to roll through 4-2. 

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