Kelly believes that breeders are some of the most valuable people in the horse industry, andstrives to create and perpetuate relationships with them through discounted and creative ownership arrangements. 

She already maintains close relationships with several breeders to help produce and keep an active “pipeline” of horses going through the levels or being put into homes where they will be productive and appreciated. 

Kelly also helps guide their programs through advising and streamlining to help produce more individuals capable of reaching the FEI levels on the national and potentially international stage. Nothing is more thrilling for a breeder than having a homebred go down centerline at Grand Prix. 

The idea is already proving successful. 

Young horses are being aimed for the competitive arenas, in addition to selling into competitive homes; and Kelly is looking forward to the successive generations of potential stars in her stable. 

Kelly wishes to foster and expand these long-term relationships not only through discounted training but also through a mutually beneficial arrangement for both Kelly and the breeder. These arrangements are done individually and with long-term relationship in mind.  If you are interested in pursuing this type of arrangement please contact Kelly directly at:  

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