Thursday, November 25, 2010

Sweeter than bounty itself

2010, like November, is nearly at it's end and there is much to be thankful for.

The ponies and I lead unusual lives. 

I am thankful that everyday they lead me on an amazing adventure. I am thankful that when the day is done, and we look back we are doing so together. Without them, I am nothing, and with them, I am everything. 

 I am ever thankful of what we accomplished and the team that was developed behind us. Without them, I would not be on the path that we are taking. 

I hope the start of the holiday season sees you all in comfortably, and that you may have a warm house, a good meal, and everything that brings you joy.

Thanksgiving is sweeter than bounty itself.
One who cherishes gratitude does not cling to the gift!
Thanksgiving is the true meat of God’s bounty;
The bounty is its shell,
For thanksgiving carries you to the hearth of the Beloved.
Abundance alone brings heedlessness,
Thanksgiving gives birth to alertness.
The bounty of thanksgiving will satisfy and elevate you,
And you will bestow a hundred bounties in return.
Eat your fill of God’s delicacies,
And you will be freed from hunger and begging.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

I don't need a parachute

Tina Tuner hair, kickin' new blanket.
The week, like the weather, passed by quickly. There's a lot moving around now, and there are a lot of things that are in the air at the moment. But the one thing that remains consistent is Sinari.

We spent the week in and out of the arena, with a quick body clip that nearly ended in disaster- the blades flew off as I was finishing up some spots on the left. Hilarity ensued.  Overall she's there, and doing pretty fantastic.

Monday we pulled an exercise from the Gal clinic about making the gaits adjustable. Went out to a field and worked on compressing the walk.

I had forgot to do October wrap up and update for November goals. Now that we're about two weeks into the month, and finally able to focus on what we did and where we're going in the final two months of the year.

October's Goals:
-Conditioning/get back into a solid four day week schedule.
Somewhat achieved. Some days my schedule over rode what was going on at the barn, but for the most part we were working four days a week. We did get out in the fields (which softened due to rain).

-On the aids changes
Achieved. She is way sharper to the point where she threw good fours in for giggles. She's always been crack about the fun stuff.

Cleaner, but need to refocus on the quality of transitions- as in not becoming too straight in them.

-Add more lateral work
Score. Leg yields and a few other things. She does fantastic shoulder in now, but occasionally looses energy.

Way better, but she still tires more left than right. But looks like we're on track for a 2011 FEI premier.

November goals:
-Flexion. More permeable on the inside to an adjusting aid.
-Transitions in and out of gaits and between gaits. Reaching more for 8's now instead of 7's.
-Halt, reinback walk transitions
-Fit enough to run through 3-1 or 3-2.
-Snowbird entry.

Lower lobotomy

I've been uncharacteristically silent about Sincere lately.

Aside from a few scratches, more shots than he cares for, and matted burrs in his tail, he's a happy camper.

The quiet bit has to deal with some contemplation since the GOV made the recommendation to keep him intact until he is two.

After talking to a number of people, and looking at the market, my current lifestyle and capabilities, it was decided that he should be gelded.

It isn't a reflection of his behavior or his conformation. It's just that he doesn't have the current requirements to make that career path successful. So, it's off they come for a happier lifestyle.

Truth be told, there is an incredible amount of ego when it comes to that decision. There were times where I thought he could be a competitive pony stallion. There were times where I thought he go into the books and reproduce successfully. But then I look at what it takes to have a good stallion (from sheer raw gaits/talent to genetics), how much negotiation and promotion goes on. So from a good stallion, he'll be a great gelding.

Other than that, he's fantastic, if not finally awkward looking.