Sunday, November 7, 2010

Lower lobotomy

I've been uncharacteristically silent about Sincere lately.

Aside from a few scratches, more shots than he cares for, and matted burrs in his tail, he's a happy camper.

The quiet bit has to deal with some contemplation since the GOV made the recommendation to keep him intact until he is two.

After talking to a number of people, and looking at the market, my current lifestyle and capabilities, it was decided that he should be gelded.

It isn't a reflection of his behavior or his conformation. It's just that he doesn't have the current requirements to make that career path successful. So, it's off they come for a happier lifestyle.

Truth be told, there is an incredible amount of ego when it comes to that decision. There were times where I thought he could be a competitive pony stallion. There were times where I thought he go into the books and reproduce successfully. But then I look at what it takes to have a good stallion (from sheer raw gaits/talent to genetics), how much negotiation and promotion goes on. So from a good stallion, he'll be a great gelding.

Other than that, he's fantastic, if not finally awkward looking.

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