Saturday, October 30, 2010

Get bent

We're back in the full swing of training, and the weather, time and everything else is cooperating for once.

Sinari, despite the odd days on and off has come back exceedingly well. With the support team firmly in place, her work has improved. The ground has even softened up to go for a canter or two in the fields.

We have decidedly gone back for the next few sessions and reaffirm and build a finer base, which she's already benefited from. I haven't worn my spurs in about a month and until recently, worked in the snaffle.

The joy about Sinari is that she has most of the tricks already programmed. She's always been really crack at the changes, and things like the tempi's are really no issue. 

It's just now about making sure that they are solid enough to go forward by next summer to the FEI.

In the meantime, I am aiming for a small winter show at the start of December. Third level.

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