Sunday, October 17, 2010

Fields O'er Which the Reaper's Hand has Passed

The ink has barely dried on WEG, and with a minute window of opportunity, I responsibly shunned responsibilities for a weekend and escaped with the boy to a location that had a total of ten stoplights and no cell phone reception.

I went to the woods to get briefly get away from my life before the winter season and inspection struck and I would be unable to get away. I rode lightly throughout the week, checked in on young one, made a few decisions and then made arrangements to make sure everyone is looked in on.

It was fantastic. An hour out of Lexington, the world changes. The world slows.

And being unable to have much contact with the outside world, I did things that weren't among the normal routine.

I slept in, I took a long bath. I read two books. We watched movies (on cable), we ate... a lot.

To add to things, fall is a pretty time in Kentucky, and to be in the woods, is to watch the world transition.The fields are empty, the barns are full, and the colors turn bright.

Most times, fall means clipping the unenviable dread of the following season.

The reality of my, or any horse person's situation, that vacations or time off is non existent. When you do get it, run with it. Run hard. And never feel guilty about it.

We came back today, and while already the emails have started piling up, the house needs to be cleaned, the cats needed to be coddled and the week returns to normal tomorrow, It doesn't feel impossible to get through. 

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Boss Mare Eventing said...

I hear you! We escaped today also, went for a nice hack. Great time of year to be enjoying the scenery :)