Sunday, October 3, 2010

Stud Muffin

When Sincere was born, I was really disappointed that he came out as a colt.

It wasn't because he was imperfect, quite the contrary, it was because he was a colt. 

I like fillies. I like competing mares. Mares have more to give, and the lines are far more precious than that of their male counterparts. And like my mother, anything male in the household tends to end up getting neutered at one point or another.

It also probably doesn't help that the colts I really hadn't really gotten along with for various past reasons. Many of them being that geldings were zero personality pushovers and the stallions I handled weren't the best of individuals and I wish I could put nuticals in place of testicles.

So when Sincere came out, I pretty much said lower lobotomy please.

I cannot say what entered my mind when I showed photos to the GOV of him. Perhaps it was because he's going to push pony, or just the sheer fact that I have interest seeing this cross go onto a proper book that would promote him as an athlete instead of a halter reject. When I mentioned that he was going to go under the knife, they advised against until the two-year-old keuring was complete.

Huh? Since when was sparky a candidate for keeping the appendages? And what are they potentially seeing that I'm not?


Golden the Pony Girl said...

Who is the GOV? That is probably an obvious question but my brain is horrible with acronyms.

I prefer the boys myself but it is a good thing there are both kinds of people out there.

Kelly said...

Oldenburg book.