Thursday, October 7, 2010

From the center

WEG is over for me and I'm very happy to be able to walk away from the chaos for a little bit. I also didn't realize September has ended and we have slipped into October.

I'm happier about getting back to riding at an quiet barn, and back to routine. Since Gal's clinic, life has been non stop. At the barn the owner was hosting several reining pairs for the freestyle and people were in and out constantly.

This past weekend was the first weekend I actually got to sleep in, eat breakfast not at break neck speed and catch up with a few neglected items.

It also means I'm getting on the pony more and in cold weather, it's been adventurous!

It's also helped us out a lot. First day back I just stayed out of the way while she went on and did tons of stretch, bend and deep work, followed by the second day of working through transitions. Today she reeled off a set of four time tempi's, the first time in three months. I understand they were probably gimmes, but I'll take them.

Sinari has come back much stronger, but in the same breath, less fit. Cold weather and more forgiving ground means we actually get to go out galloping.

With the end of September, it means recap time:

-Transitions, transitions, transitions.
yes, yes and yes. These have become much crisper in the past month.

Yes, much more in front of the leg.

-Get back to normal.
Yes, we have been cleared to canter and the majority of work. Even threw in a few changes.

October's Goals:
-Conditioning/get back into a solid four day week schedule.
-On the aids changes
-Add more lateral work

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