2017 Goals:
1. Expand clients, horses in training and investments that are capable, at minimum, of shining on the national stage and continue to be fiscally solvent. 
2. Continue to increase fitness (human and horse).
3. Pursue the young horse track. Develop horses for the USEF Young Horse Championships alongside the USDF Breeders Championships with the aim of looking toward Verden. 
4. Dedicate personal educational opportunities once a quarter with my coaches (in a non-clinic capacity) to keep developing. 

Short Term:
1. Be accepted into USEF Observation Sessions.
2. Produce one horse to FEI Developing Horse. 
3. Complete USDF Gold Medal
4. Compete small and large tour at international level (CDI)
5. Have horses nationally ranked in the top 20 in the sport. 

Long Term:
1. Continue to develop education and educational opportunities at home and abroad with the masters of the sport.
2. Develop Pony Riders Juniors, Young Riders, Amateurs into classically correct, competitive individuals. 
3. Train a horse from Green to Grand Prix.
4. Create and maintain a pipeline of quality horses to develop to Grand Prix. 

1. Continue to remain ethical and honest in the equestrian industry. To remain open, communicative and frank about the horses and their development.
2. To be a mentor and open resource for those wishing to progress. 
3. Be a good person.