Sunday, February 19, 2012

Keep on Keepin' on

It's almost March, and we're starting to feel the competitive itch and pull of the season.

It really doesn't help that friends are already out there competing with huge amounts of success and great scores. Nor does it help that we're pretty much regulated to the indoors with minimal time to condition out in the fields. The indoor, while usually productive feels somewhat tedious when you don't have time to be outside.

It doesn't mean that we aren't working well. Her trot work is especially strong now, with a good amount of carry and expression. Her piaffe and passage are coming a long. The canter tour work is a sticking point, with her cycling hard the sitting and compression comes and goes. It's harder when she needs to be adjusted. So we've laid off on the huge amounts of compression until she's adjusted and back on Polyglycan.

She's also has become incredibly smart about the changes. Tempis? No issue. She's been throwing the 1's more which is fun.

I still want to roll through 4-2, and see where we're at and I also want video so I can see my problems...

But I guess I'm really waiting for spring because of Sincere. The boy is turning three this year, and I'm excited to bring him back into training. I'm sure he is as well, he seemed a little miffed that he got chucked out for the winter. But come April or May he'll be back in the program and training. I can't wait too, it's going to be a big building year for him as he actually transitions into a career.

I can't be more excited for him or hopeful or wondering where the hell we're going in this handbasket... 

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