Sunday, March 27, 2011

Little lion man

April is the cruelest month, said T.S. Elliot, but I don't think he's lived in Kentucky in March.

Between a basketball-obsessed town (local team made it to the Final Four) and the weather, sometimes things just don't work out to plan.

Came home from Stephen's clinic and we hit the ground at first with a stumble then a solid run. The pony didn't want to leave her vacation spot, Sincere wanted to help in assisting to catch the pony, and I spent a solid hour walking up and down hills, much to my behind's amusement. 

We worked a solid three days this week (with the intent of doing four) and Sinari felt great, reeling off changes, doing consistent, difficult lines and getting good works in. Zero tension. Then the temps tanked and like the water on the ground, her back froze and everything that she could do, went underground. 

No bueno.

She feels prepared to see Christoph again, but not prepared enough to show what she really knows. Either way it will be a learning experience and I should have interesting video to post here.

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