Friday, November 27, 2009

Better days

I'm a little late on posting about Thanksgiving, but honestly, I had my reasons.

I love Thanksgiving, it's one of the few actual holidays that I enjoy and positively associate with. It's a holiday not about getting, but giving. It's about what you bring to the table and contribute, not what you get out of it.

As 2009 draws to an eventful close, I have a lot to be thankful for.

I'm first and foremost, thankful for my family.

My standard definition of it is fairy skewed. Yes, I have genetic relations who are family (and I do love them), but then there are the non-relations who truly co-create the core. The boy being the top of that list.

These people have stood by me during horrible lows and air-thin highs. They've seen me at my worst, at my best and every stage in between. I think there are some things in the works in the near future, and hopefully it will work out to the best.

Tying quickly for that spot, is Sinari. The wonder pony continues to amaze and delight. She's my rock. The only horse that I know, even for the bad rides, there are several awesome ones coming down the pike. She teaches me daily. I look at her every day and think how beautiful and amazing she is. I look at her everyday, and feel lucky to be her's and share in her life.

I am thankful for Sincere. I'm thankful that he's taught and rewarded my patience (or lack of at moments). Six months ago, I was in a bad spot with a barter that went wrong. He was still unborn, and was prepared to give up everything to walk away clean. But providence came in and said wait. He's rewarded me tenfold and will be excited to see how he develops.

I am thankful for the cats, who serve not only as my personal alarm clocks, but are willing to sit with me during the rough spells and tough blogs.

I'm thankful for a job. Even though I dislike it, I still have one. It's the first job I feel that I've actually feel successful at. It still pays the bills, is paying for a number of other things and will be allowing me to go and get my advanced degree(s) done. It's allowed me to mature, not just as someone in the work force, but as a human.

I'm thankful for my supporters and my critics, who help keep my team going and keep me humbled enough to keep on reaching.

Thank you all who have supported the team, who comment or email or send positive vibes. May your leftovers be plentiful, your smiles infinite and your worries few. May you all find happiness in those around you and have the grace to weather the changes that come.

Merry Thankgiving.

Kelly, Sinari, Sincere, Osmosis, Kiwi
Team EnGaged Dressage

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