Sunday, November 1, 2009

Baby, baby



Sincere was due for some photos. Figure I share from this weekend's exploits. It was his first time in the regular arena.

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buckpony said...

I love the chrome on this baby! He is stunning! Welsh ponies have always been a favorite of mine, but I've never owned anything but crosses, a couple of QHs and one marvelous QH/TB cross.

Just found your blog yesterday while reading someone else's - you are living my dream of riding FEI ponies in Dressage. My ponies are the unwanted ones though (abused in their pasts and have rather poor conformation - not the "dressagey" type at all), and I will not likely ever attain FEI level (need lots and lots of work to regain muscle strength and independent seat, hands and legs again, from too many years of sitting at a computer), but I love riding my little guys and wanting to ride well (hoping to take some lessons dressage soon). After a recent one-year hiatus from riding, which was preceded by a 17 year hiatus from riding (due to marriage, birth of 3 kids, work, kids in school and sports (none of them ride), life in general, lack of confidence in riding, no spousal support for riding, etc., etc., etc...)I have just decided in the last few weeks that I am going to start riding again, come hell or high water. I've been riding almost every day going on 6 weeks now and it has been heavenly (for me, not my ponies :) )...anyway, I absolutely love your ponies and look forward to following your blog now. Thank you for the mini dressage lessons you share - I find them very insightful! We are nowhere near that advanced; still trying to learn "forward" with soft contact. (Geez, I have so much work to do on myself before we can even accomplish forward, but I do not plan to throw in the towel just yet. :)

Best wishes and luck to you as you continue to pursue your dreams!