Monday, November 2, 2009

If you change your mind

Last week was fairly easy for Sinari. It was a catch all towards the last half of the week with riding and schedule obligations taking over my life.

With the bad weather, we were mostly regulated to the indoor. But for the work was great quality. We did solid third level work and played with a number of stretchy days to keep it easy.

Life went so well that we threw on the double for giggles and learned I had more horse than I thought.

She's had the double on before, just for hacking about, zero contact on the curb. I'm normally trying to figure out how to gather the reins and what goes where. I'm also paranoid about making her stop-y or any less sensitive.

This time, I picked up the curb contact and went with it.  I actually figured out the reins, and we went to work. Aside from one half pass where she didn't know what I was asking for, she was still forward, but far more up in the shoulders and through. I felt like I was out of her face, which I think she appreciated.

I want to think she prefers the double, but right now I think it's too much of a novelty right now. I personally still prefer my snaffle, but I like the results of the double and what kind of rider it expects me to be.

The lesson was great, definitely has the half steps down pat (despite pulling through a bit to the right), the turn on the haunch is confirmed and the half pass is cleaned up, just need to make it more FEI-ish.

I also think we're due for the massage lady to come out and work on her. Despite being tapped daily, there are certain muscle groups that seem to be binding with the work.Also need to get the saddle re-flocked, it's been one year.

This week, because the weather is going to be just darn nice, I want to go out for a fall gallop, work more on what we've been working on and try the double again.

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