Friday, November 20, 2009

Saturday Sessions 1.1

Pick a place in the arena along the wall. Begin a slightly small(er) 8 meter circle and at the top of the circle half pass steeply back onto the wall. Go straight. Begin second 8 meter circle and repeat.

More advanced versions:
Use the short side and fewer steps. Add passage, turn on the haunch and pirouettes. 

Due to the size of the preparatory circle, it makes the horse rock back into more of a turn on the haunch and automatically positions for a steExcellent tool to teach the horse to turn on the haunch without loosing energy or impulsion.

Furthermore, it teaches the horse also a more refined outside rein aid. Teaches the rider about what the good turn on the haunch feels in addition to building up the gaskins and the haunch without going over kill on the pirouette work. 

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