Tuesday, November 10, 2009

On and on we go

The little boy is growing up.

The last few weeks he's been stubborn about leading. Backing up, carrying on about not wanting to leave the herd.

The plant and freeze is highly annoying to begin with. The backing up is worse. 

Being forward, is more than important to me. It's a concept that he cannot ever say no to.

So for the past month whenever we worked, we went on short walkabouts. First it was to the truck. Every time he would stop and plant, we would circle, stop and circle about some more until he got the point. Every time he would run backwards he would be tapped up until he accepted being forward.

When he was weaned, we started going farther. We started exploring the inside of the barn and more of the surrounding fields.

When May left we started going to the barn.

Being nervous he ate his way through his mash in the wash stall, and nearly freaked at the sprinkler in the adjacent arena on the first day. He still occasionally trips over the back of my heels. The subsequent days he was fine about the wash stall and walking in and out of the barn.

This past week though we had one bout, and the rest of the time outside was ultimately pleasant. He went from having breaks to having none sometimes. So now, he's learning to chill and maybe reinstalling some breaks.

November's goals:
-Learning to be in a stall


Karen said...

Wow he's getting big!!

Golden the Pony Girl said...

such a nice looking guy, I love his stockings :)