Friday, November 13, 2009

Saturday Sessions 1.0

I've had some specific requests for exercises that I do under saddle with the ponies. I'll try to post them on Fridays so those who want to try can work on them Saturday.  All the credit goes to Sharon Vander Zeal who comes up with the most interesting work during for my Saturday Session with her.

Apologies in advance for my lack of MS Paint skills. I'll improve later, promise!

This is the exercise I mentioned a week prior and felt it was a good place to start. I left the arena unmarked simply because the majority of the work can be done symmetrically and at all three gaits.

Start at the center line, shoulder in two steps, half pass three, straighten then leg yield two then shoulder in again. Switch bend, half pass, straight, leg yield, shoulder in. You should end up in the corner, where I let Sinari stretch down.

More advanced versions: 
leave out the shoulder in, add steeper lines, add/subtract steps in half pass/leg yield.

Teach the zig zag and quicken the changes of bend without drilling one particular movement. It also makes the rider very aware of what they're doing in the saddle and quicken them up to that bend change.

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