Tuesday, June 1, 2010

To L with it.

Cross off one of the goals for 2010, I've begun to pursue my USDF L license.

I've done plenty of scribing over the years, however, it wasn't until this year that I started seriously going after my L. I've always wanted to become a judge since I started riding. This weekend, after sitting between to FEI I judges, it only solidified that feeling.

The L program is the next logical step in a progression.

I've finally begun document my scribe hours, starting with the KDA's Annual CDI*.

I'm about 8 1/2 into it and I'm feeling very positive that it will be completed out in mid-July where I will be scribing at NAJYRC.

Speaking of the CDI*, the show went fantastically this weekend. It was well-organized with wonderful management behind it. I'm happy to see the KDA expand again, and improve and capitalize on last year's show. While I miss the breed show end of it, I can understand the reason to expand the under saddle classes.

It was truly wonderful seeing everyone again, and hearing their opinions on the variety of clincians that the Team is bringing in (also all the suggestions for next year). I can't wait to see them at these events.

But the best part was the visit from County Representative- Sara Ivie. We got to try out and fall in love with a County Connection. I about nearly cried when I felt Sinari's back lift and become instantaneously comfortable in the changes. My riding wasn't the best that day, but damn, I'm on a payment-for-life deal.

All, in all, a wonderful weekend.

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Anonymous said...

Very excited to hear that you are going to be scribing for NAJYRC! :D Looking forward to meeting you at the show. Hope the riding is going well!