Saturday, June 19, 2010

All in the family

I've followed Sinari's family for sometime.

Her dam, Maid Marion, who is spry at 17, pushed out her newest colt earlier this year. Her full-sister Erin, is also a producing as well. Sinari's sire, Comet has long been gelded (seems to be a trend with horses I've owned). 

The line, especially the dam lines, have always been of interest to me. They are strong lines, and do well even when crossed with less-than-stellar, if sub-par stallions. I've tried to obtain the dam on a few occasions to produce another half to Sinari, but no dice.

So, when I saw a two-year-old colt by North Forks Cardi out of her half-sister, Anwylyd, it automatically piqued my interest due to the impending ET with Sinari and this stallion.

The colt, Fogerty FF, which had recently sold to Maine, was sold to an FEI rider as a dressage prospect and is expected to mature about 16 hands.

A few quick email exchanges, and then a very long, but great phone call, I got to know the family that much better.

Her half sister, Anwylyd, who stands 16 hands (whereas Sinari is 14.1), is a black, but similarly marked (two hind socks). She has the same low-tolerance of children, stupidity and shots.  She, like Sinari, is a firecracker undersaddle, good gaits and has the same stop and stare mechanism when spooked.While her under saddle career started later, she showed good talent for the sport.

From what she told me about the particular nick, it crossed incredibly well (I think it will be a repeat cross) and the sire improved everything that the damline needed improving while improving ability, and not loosing the sensitivity.Watching these horses mature into heavy-hitting performance horses only serves to bolster the proof.

With glowing recommendations like that, it's making me really impatient to do this cross.

Speaking of the pony, it's been hot and under saddle work has been regulated to outdoors, and during the evening. We've stuck to the polo field, working on sorting out a few things (namely changes) and some piaffe. This week is shaping up to be busy, work, riding, Stephen Bradley Clinic and a photo shoot with Michael Modecki. Oh yeah, we've been invited to help demo the Welsh breed at the International Equestrian Festival. Anyone know where I can find a shadbelly on the fly?


Carol said...

Sounds like fun planning and checking on potential crosses. I'm currently visiting the gold and CDI shows in Blainville Quebec. There are quite a few impressive ponies here and I love to watch them. (I'm going to post a selection when I get home.)
Good luck with your plans.

Laura Smith said...

I know VTO saddlery has a shadbelly on clearance for like $150-ish.