Saturday, June 12, 2010

Shameless self promotion; Saddle for Sale

Since the decision to go with County, I've decided to lighten my equipment inventory.

My 18-inch Duett Fidelio is for sale for $850.00.

The saddle is 36cm wide, smooth-grain black leather, regular flap with long billets, just recently reflocked and checked by a certified saddler and in excellent condition. It's been kept covered, cleaned and conditioned since I bought it.

This is a great saddle for a wider, more short-backed horses (halfingers, fjords, ect), the panels give plenty of stability and there is extra height on the pommel to give clearance. For rider who needs added security with a medium twist and larger knee rolls (almost thigh blocks).

I liked the way this saddle fit Sinari, but she's once again outgrown her equipment, and we're going on for a custom.

For more information, and more photos drop me a line:

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