Friday, June 11, 2010

Yesterday won't let go

I've been bad about updating, but honestly, after last week and this week's continuous high of positive news I was too busy running around like a loon. Between the team obtaining sponsorship, filling clinics and meeting more great people I've had little time to myself. They said leaving the 9-5 track is wonderful, but they forget how much work it is to go corporate off roading.

Sinari too has been wonderful.

Recapping May's Goals:

Four and three time changes (we do them but I'm not counting them):
check, but left them alone for awhile to sort out a few other things. she's capable, and clean, but they're not 100 percent on the aids.
Pirouette and half pass.
check and double check. After the acupuncture, the re-evaluation these cleaned themselves up and improved.
 They're more balanced and amplified. 

Transitions, transitions and more transitions
cleaner and more uphill, but still a work in progress. I want more reaction out of them. But they are progressive.
Holy crap. I thought I'd never get that kind of sit out of her. We worked through a lot of flat pi/pa transitions, but she has more bounce now.

June's goals:
-Lateral work

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Anonymous said...

I am so excited about meeting you in July and then coming back for the Edward Gal clinic in the fall! :D Cannot wait!