Saturday, June 19, 2010

Moving on up to the east side

It has been a long week of planning, packing and moving in the ugliest of hot weather.

I finally had enough of spending a portion of my weekend traveling out to east of nowhere Kentucky to visit Sincere. It ate up a good portion of my gas and not to mention budget when I had to run out there for only an hours worth of time. Feasibly, it was alright for an in-between, but long-term, to make him a successful candidate for the sport, he needed to be closer to home.

So we made arrangements to move, and we did so on Thursday.

I was a little worried about how he would have handled to the travel. The last time he shipped was with his mother, this time he would have to load himself (which we haven't done) and travel about 80 miles back near where Sinari is. The heat too played a huge factor, it was awful out and I wasn't looking forward to moving, let alone having a horse on the road in it.

Good news is that with a small bit of encouragement from behind he got on with very little issue, traveled the length of the 80 with very little fuss and stepped off into his new world. Ate and drank normally and was no worse for wear.

It feels great to have him nearby, I've already been out twice to play.

We kicked off the homecoming with a shower (unamused), a mane combing (unamused) and a walk about away from the herd (really unamused). I'm sure he'll get used to the idea of being in and out of the stalls more, and getting regular baths, especially since the weather is giving me the excuse.

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