Friday, May 28, 2010

Edward Gal is in my backyard.

When I was young, on of my online friends and I used to try to guess what we'd be doing if we had the cahones to ride at the top. I said train and work with the best.

About 10 years later, the cosmic joke is on me.

I work in and around the very best the industry has to offer. I've worked with super-cool judges, riders and trainers from around the world.

I've learned a lot while helping others learn as well. While I may not have the best horse of the group, it's helped us all signifigantly.

In short, it's a sweet gig.

But nothing was cooler when I got the email from Nicole Werner of Stal Werner-Gal confirming that Gal will be clinicing for Team EnGaged on September 18th.

This is a limited rider clinic, five rides with some of the best up-and-coming pairs in the nation (the rest will be just down the road at WEG).

Yes, we are allowing auditors. Get your tickets in fast, I don't imagine that they will stay long when word gets out. For those who can't make it, it will be live webcasted.

Taking it a step further- we're holding a benefit raffle for the Para Equestrian Team, with sweet schwag from our various sponsors.  Stay tuned for schwag deals.

I look forward to seeing a few of my blog readers there.


Carol said...

WOW! Sounds amazing. Please keep your readers posted re live webcasting. Wish I could audit...

Kelly said...

Carol, we will be live webcasting this one, Christoph Hess', and potentially one more.

daninpd said...

I was looking for information about the clinic and came across your blog. It's interesting the clinic includes a benefit for the Para Equestrian Team because of the people invited to ride is a Para rider. You'll love watching her!

Kelly said...

Hey Danipd-
Yes, Sue T. is one of the riders;-) and I can't wait to see her ride. But the PET fundraiser idea happened alongside it.

daninpd said...

I think it's really cool that some of the top people in the equestrian community are "giving back" to riders that want to compete even if they don't have all of everything most of us take for granted. We had a benefit in Carmel Valley, CA to help ST and MP get to the WEG and your backyard. Thank all of you in that part of the country for your support of their team.

I'm Moneypenny's "dad".

Kelly said...

Hi Danipd-
I understand. I feel that this isn't a charity case, but a dedicated team that deserves a shot at the top and access to the top trainers. All Para Equestrians are more than welcome to attend ANY clinic, symposium, camp and event that my company hosts.

But thank you so much for supporting ST and MP to get here. I hope one day that I can offer a horse of my own.

Hopefully the raffle will help the PET get (trying to make it online so more people can participate, just need to fiddle with it).