Saturday, July 31, 2010

The view from the corner office

It seems happenstance between Sinari being temporarily off, and my current schedule for scribing has taken over my life.

I'm three days deep into watching very talented Juniors and Young Riders ride quality horses. Not all rides were great. There were a number in the high 50's, low 60's. On top of this, we broke into the 70's maybe four or five times throughout the week, and these were deserved scores by pairs that had rode ultra-clean and maxed out tests.

I'm finishing up my hours needed to pursue my L, and by the end of today, I'll have a surplus of hours. Which, in my book is great.

But the perk isn't just finishing off my required hours, or sitting and watching the FEI arenas with ultra-cool (and very nice) international judges who have been teaching me from everything about where to shop for judge clothes (thank you Ms. Foy) and the finer details of 7's versus 8's, all the while giving me a perspective from a greater standpoint. No, the perk is sitting in the box at the crack of dawn in Kentucky, sipping on coffee waiting for the first ride to come down the concourse, knowing that this is where I feel at home and best serving of a sport that has already provided so much.


kippen64 said...

I wish you success on your new quest. It is so great to find something that you enjoy, and that also contributes to a sport that you love.

Beth said...

Scribing sounds like a really great way to learn.