Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Some assembly required

Admittedly, when I saw Sincere with his bumps, bruises and mono-boob lump, I was not surprised.

Yes, sooner or later the boy needed to burst his bubble wrap, but seriously did he have to do it in a major way?

One part of me was unamused, accustomed to seeing several horses do several more stupid things. The other part, the mothering part (or what's there for a mothering part) was somewhat concerned over the situation.

Lesson learned, nothing about Sincere is small.

For the most part, he's healing up, if not a little sore from his misadventures with whatever he tangled with. His D-cup mono boob has drained to a training bra sized, his bruises have begun to scab over and the bumps, while still tender are going down as well. We collectively decided not to coddle him in this, that being turned out would help the stiffness and keep him from stocking up.

His boo-boo's have also given me the excuse to coddle him extensively.

He regularly stands on cross ties to be groomed, takes baths now without fuss (minus being sprayed in the face), he stands for his dousing of fly spray, and dons the pink SWAT with pride. He is easy going, and enjoys his rewards (food motivation is a plus in my book).

He still needs to wear his fly mask. The flies are atrocious.

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