Sunday, July 18, 2010

Don't make much of it

The loading series of Legend is over, and we have one more of Adequan to finish off the series.

The change has been remarkable. Her gaits have amplified, she's gained about 7 to 10 pounds of muscle in all the right, hard to develop places.

The gaits and more importantly, the level of comfort within the work has notched up as well. Which makes me very happy.

The last few weeks were dedicated to solidifying the basics for the upcoming Christoph Hess clinic, and it's paid off. The more recent sessions have included working on the fours with the occasional threes, starting quicken the half pass to include rapid changes of bend, more definitive half steps/passage transitions, and the ever elusive pirouettes.

Ah, pirouettes the bane of my current existence.

It's not that I dislike the movement, it's just conceptually hard for me to size them correctly.

Sizes run large and currently entering the next county. It's not that we can't do small ones, it's just we haven't done them, and the concept of space in a 20x60 meter box on a 900 pound pony can be skewed.

Meanwhile, Sinari, for the most part gets them when I conceptually sort things out. Go figure that the pony read the manual before I did.

Because the pirouettes are becoming better, everything else (the canter on the spot, and the cousin of the pir, the half pass) is benefiting from the attention to the little topsy movement.

My current favorite workout exercise is the half pass to centerline to pirouette at the canter to a single or if we're feeling particularly great to a line of fours.

I think we're prepared as prepared can get for this.

This upcoming week promises already to be more than active with last minute preparations and moving about. Did I mention my work schedule now runs from 6am to 2:30pm to avoid the heat? I wonder if I'll survive till Thursday.

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