Thursday, July 8, 2010

Lumps and bumps

Sincere has always categorically been in my book, a jock.

His handsome, athletic looks really underscore how tough he really is.

So while I normally dispatch with the normal boy chores of keeping his whites white, his mane and tail free of burrs, and the occasional boo-boo.

When I got the call today of, you really need to go see the boy. I was not really prepared to see him sporting all sorts of fun new bruises, a lump between his front legs and scratches in various spots.

The same colt who, at his last place, survived less-than-ideal fencing, rolling under a fence into a strange herd, the stupidity of a working student, an impromptu trailer ride and numerous other things, finally broke his bubble wrap. He is scratched, dented and none worse for wear.

It doesn't mean, as one of his primary caretakers, I don't get to dress his wounds with care, fret a little bit and decorate him in pink SWAT.

Sincere will live. 

He's now being accustomed to a new routine, he gets bathed, regularly (this time without protesting, it's too hot). He's groomed on cross ties and is generally learning about his job in life.

So, recapping June, we did meet our goals (if not on the fly). He did load into the trailer, he did go someplace. We didn't get to swim, but we have started to condition for next year.

July's goals:
-Consistency on the cross ties
-Loading and unloading
-New and different places.


Golden the Pony Girl said...

awww poor man. Any idea how he got banged up? Rough housing? Glad to hear he is no worse for wear.

Kelly said...

probably a fence, the neighbor's cows have been pushing on it lately. Wouldn't surprise me that he went (or tried to) go to greener pastures.