Sunday, August 1, 2010

That's why they call it window pain.

It's tough sitting at home at the high point of the season. 

Normally this time of year we have at least two or three shows under our girths and we're well on our way to at least one or two more.

We're not this year.

I've had several people ask me this year why I'm not taking the pony to the shows or going to the Pony Cup. Apparently our absence has been felt somewhere.

I decided back in 2009 that to reach PSG, I needed to take the year to develop the pony up without holding back.This means sitting out from the shows to school up without having to go back and work on the tests that we are showing.

It also means a substantial investment in equipment, support crew, training and time. All of which come out of the ubiquitous show fund.

Already this year I've obtained a trailer, put Sinari on Adequan IM and Legends, developed a bevy of support crew (chiro, acupuncture and massage) and are on our way to obtaining a County Saddle. We're training weekly with our coach, and clinicing regularly with great judges.

It doesn't mean that we're not happy sitting on the sidelines, but it means that we'll be prepared for the next go around and more ambitious goals (Devon anyone?).

It's also means that we've accomplished the majority of our goals every month, goals such as July's.

Got it, almost too well. Have to go back to bend and flex.


transitions in and out of the gaits and between
Improved, and with some new tricks to help get a better amplification. But as said before need more forwardness.

Accomplished, but we need more time on these. I like to do them in the outdoor to get the space and timing correct.

August feels a bit buggered already with time off. So if these come to fruition I'll be very happy.

August goals:
-Pirrouettes/Half Pass
-Run through PSG once.

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