Tuesday, August 24, 2010

To every season

I've been silent due to the pick up around here. It's about 30 days to WEG and the pace has dramatically increased around town and at home.

I'm kinda happy to have light sessions at the barn.

We've been under saddle for about two weeks now, while we haven't been cleared to canter, we've been cleared to do lots more trot work.

Which despite the boring nature of straight lines and 20 meter circles, it's actually been a good time to implement what we learned at Christoph Hess' clinic, to go over the finer points of transitions and the scale. We needed to do this, it has helped create more consistency.

Her walk has improved from the short concentrated work. It feels perky enough where she can start working half steps again after the ban has lifted.

It's also been a good time to clear up some equitation issues and experiment a little more with the double. 

But what I miss most is the lateral work. It's second nature at this point to integrate it into the daily work. But since we can't use it at the moment, we've done other exercises to help keep up the suppleness. Serpentine and corners.

I'm also going to miss much of what I laid out for us in August. I would have liked to run through PSG at least once and perhaps work on the tempi's but, not in the cards.

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