Monday, August 2, 2010

Rubber ducky, you're the one

Often times in my travels, the baby is put by the wayside.

It's a terrible, yet sometimes fortunate thing.

As much as I want to see, and play everyday, it's sometimes best to let the young horse grow up on his own. I'm afraid if I play with him too much he'll not only forget that he's a horse, but get burned out on attention.

So for the past two weeks, I haven't seen the kid. I felt guilty and traipsed out there on Sunday and did the girliest thing I could- I bathed him, soap and all.

He was really unamused by this aspect, now smelling like tea tree oil, cherries and other very feminine flavors. But he did well, standing up on the ties, without calling or any huge flair (and this was with his buddies calling to him). In fact, I think he secretly enjoyed the pony parlor day.

Sincere, was dare I say, mature for his age.

So with July gone, our goals:

-Consistency on the cross ties
Met and exceeded. Doesn't mean I can wander out of sight and have him stay put. But for the most part, he stands up.

-Loading and unloading
Haven't practiced this any.Tomorrow we'll get to see how he rolls.

-New and different places.
He goes to different places on the farm, without a fuss as long as there are cookies involved. Sincere has always been  easy going that way. He reminds me of the porgy little mamma's boy who always wants a cookie and is spoiled to death by his aunties. At least with him, food motivation is a good thing. He'll do about anything as long as there are treats involved. Huzzah for the food motivated baby.

August's goals:
-Going to a show
-Prepare for lower lobotomy.

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