Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Hook me up a new revolution

I had every intention of writing last week, but frankly, time and energy (lack of) got to me. With the impending WEG and Gal clinic, things are only starting to heat up.

First, Sinari is doing fantastically. The exercises given to us by Christoph plus the concentrated work at the trot has really come along. But I still miss lateral work and flying changes, not to mention cantering.

So to pass the time, I've taken away my stirrups. I felt I needed to refine my position a bit and learn to ride the movements with a more uber streich-like hand.

It's also been a month of experimenting. I've started the SUCCEED digestive conditioning program challenge. For the next 90 days, the pony will be on the sauce. Already, after one week she's more supple behind the saddle, and feels much happier while girthing up.

She apparently feels so good that when I walk in the barn with the tube in hand she lunges and sucks on it like a lollipop. Thank you SUCCEED for making my pony an addict.

Any event, recapping August:

August goals:
-Pirrouettes/Half Pass:
Lost out on this one. We weren't allowed on anything smaller than a 20 meter circle, let alone lateral work.

Lost again. No canter = no changes. But we did work through changes of bend.

 Score! Much more forward through the Kyra K exercise and colder weather.

-Run through PSG once

September's goals:
-Transitions, transitions, transitions.
-Get back to normal.

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