Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I know where you go, is where I want to be

Fall means burrs and the end of summer slick long yearlings.

As we enter into the year and a half mark, Sincere has grown up mentally, but not physically. Which makes me a happier than usual person. I think his mother's genes are finally taking over in the phenotype department. His classmates are a full hand taller.

He's still nice to look at, and hasn't hit the yearling uglies yet. But I think that will change when I put the blanket on him.

The pumpkin colt has accepted a lot more things in his life. Although his grand adventure to the park never occurred (time schedule was flummoxed), he did manage to do other things in life, among them is begin to be prepared to be gelded.

For many reasons, we elected not to do a field surgery. I've seen and experienced one too many bad ones and it's not a bad thing to have a 24 hour stay while being watched under sedation.  For this, he's receiving jabs to update and prepare him for the inevitable separation.

Sincere is also in the stall more frequently and doing more grown up things such as now wearing a saddle pad and having a sursingle flung on him occasionally. He's pretty cool with everything as usual.

Recapping August's goals:
-Going to a show
Prepared, never got to. Which was a dissapointment.


-Prepare for lower lobotomy.

September goals:
Get through the last series
Get through WEG
Load in trailer

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