Thursday, December 22, 2011

God rest ye merry gentlemen

Dear Santa,

The holidays are nearly here, and I know some well-deserving ponies that could use some extra schwag near their stalls this holiday time.

Sinari has been the best this year, for her I would like to make her job easier. Perhaps a Back on Track Blanket to complement her arsenal of Back on Track Saddle pads? Or hey that County Saddle we've had our eyes on for the last two years would be lovely as well.

For Sincere, who doesn't really need much, extra apples (fresh Gaylas are his favorite) for him and extra time with me who doesn't get to see him very much.  If you can find a way to turn him into mini Toto, that would be great too, but I like him anyways.

Also Santa, don't forget about the two newbies. They're cruising along too:)

Mr. Merlot needs a great new home where a kid or an adult amateur can love on him all day long and take him out and kick ass with him. I'm sure he's easily transportable in that sled of yours and won't eat the cookies, and I'm sure you have a list of little girls who would just dote on him.

For Wylie, a way to organize himself. Although he is getting there quickly, somedays are physically challenging. Also if you could let him get about 100lbs of muscle while in Florida. That boy has some talent and would be fun to go play at the top with him.

Finally Santa, if you have room for one or two more things for myself, it would be awesome.

I know you can't increase the hours in a regular day (more would be appreciated), but if you can find a small tour horse that I could compete CDI's with I would be greatly obliged, and help me finish the L program and obtain my scores for my Silver, produce another wonderful young horse and just go out and have fun, it would be great. But since you know me, I would settle for a good year and good horses any day of the week.

You know where I live:)

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