Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Mr. Merlot

Mr. Merot is a 2005 Welsh/Thoroughbred pony and honestly, makes the ponies that went down centerline at Gladstone National Championships look like hunter rejects.

He has the best of both worlds going for him and the looks (and scores) to boot. Seriously this pony has done great things on the east coast and would be competitive in any situation that we put him in.

Merlot is the type that is not only talented, but safe and fun to be on. You can literately pack him around anywhere with or without a care in the world and he has been there and done that on multiple occasions, big and small situations, with both youth, pro and now AA. By no means 100 percent push button,  he's going to make someone a really nice pony schoolmaster (he's corrected me on a few occasions about my canter departs), but in the end he's a solid citizen with flash and class.

Yes, Merlot is for sale.

Why? Well, of the two Merlot is a good candidate for the sport and for a kid or a AA to do something with while learning the ropes.  Plus honestly, he just needs his own human, he thrives off of personal worship and adoration. He's a serious ham. I (and his owner) would like to see him go to a home that will be competitive with him. He's fairly priced at $25k and can be viewed while with me in Florida.

Interest should be pointed towards his owner Cory Gregory:

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