Monday, December 26, 2011

Turn the clock to zero

How many times will I look back at 2011 and look, sometimes with amusement, wonder or  sadness, of all the things that we've done?

It was a hugely challenging and rewarding year. Literally expanded horizons and took things back on the road. With highs and lows in between, but I can honestly say, we met every goal set out and a little bit extra along the way. I'm forever proud of my ponies, and the people who are in our corner.It's been nothing short of an adventure, and it only has really just begun.

2011 Horsey Stuff:
  1. Finish bronze
    Did this in style on my birthday.
  2. Go PSG and 4th level
    I didn't get to compete but I did roll through the entire fourth level and PSG prior to fall, and even had the entry done for Pony Cup for PSG.This year we're set to roll out from the start.
  3. Continue to teach and train Sincere, bring him to shows
    Sincere didn't make any cameo appearances, but by the end of fall he did his 30 days under saddle and is now resting up for spring.
  4. Finish first part of L program
    Achieved, and got my sitting/scribing hours done to boot. I'm an L Candidate. Need to now go on to the second part of the program.
  5. Continue to grow the business
    The business hit turbulence around April when my former business partner pulled out. It took me until August to regroup and reform the business as a single entity. But so far, doing pretty darn good! Managed to host two more clinics in the past two months, and I have what seems like a pretty full roster for 2012. I'm cautiously optimistic for 2012, and still work towards being on even footing on all times. 
  6. Save for 2012 breeding and in general
    I, on a whim, purchased a breeding to Donatelli. Don't know where I'm going with this, but I think it's somewhere good. General savings were slaughtered again. I had also decided not to breed Sinari. It's not fair to take her out for two years and expect her to return. Embryo transfer just isn't an option. 
  7. Improve wardrobe
    I did! Three new pairs of white breeches, new show shirt, new (old) pin, new boots and a few other items to go out on the road with me. I'm still adding to my collection of polos.
All in all, it was a good year with amazing friends and family. I can't wait for 2012 to be here, and see what's in store for us then.

Goals 2012:
  1. Sinari to roll at 4th/PSG and school around I2.
  2. Start/finish Silver Medal
  3. Find a schoolmaster, start working towards CDI's
  4. Ride Sincere, and get him through his first big boy outings
  5. Continue to grow the business, but find balance in between.
  6. Finish 2nd half of L program, gain scores for r.
  7. Start my apprenticeship for my organizers stuff

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