Tuesday, December 20, 2011


(People have asked for regular updates with Florida travels, so consider this a blog within a blog)

I keep forgetting it's December, there are only two weeks left out in the year and everyday seems jam packed full of stuff to do.

Before I skipped town for the weekend I had a lot to do. Between packing and prepping, I've now been away for two consecutive weekends. Last week was my last meeting with Koford before we skip down south and this past weekend I hosted a clinic with Shannon Peters at Two Swans Farm.

Last week's clinic with Koford went great, Sinari has come back stronger and more into the work. She's really firing, just needs the fitness at this point. I came home to work on pir's and cleaning up the collection. It also helps that I've inherited a good pair of eyes on the ground that can be equally torturous as I can.

I came home to ride the boys, and they have been super stars. I've been playing with the balance and connection with both of them now (and now that I have a few new tricks in the bag from Shannon, we'll be rocking right along), taking them deeper and then when released bringing them up to move with more uphill balance. Wylie is incredible, he's such a scopey mover with a ton of action.

The sale pony, Merlot, is moving right along with the program as well, and when he gets it, has great mediums and can sit. He's going to make someone a really nice FEI pony.

Also last week, because the weather was nice, we clipped.

Clipping ponies is always an adventure, they seem to grow twice the hair of a normal horse. Monday I worked on Sinari, and while everything was great, I think I screwed her face up.

Sinari, unfortunately, needs drugs to be clipped, she tends to panic . I think she had something done to her earlier in her life. She came out of the drugs a little sooner than expected and lost my line on her face, so... it looks entertaining.

The other problem was lack of light in the barn. When you clip you need as much light as you can, and with some barns there isn't always enough light or time to get everything. I managed to get the boys and girl clipped out prior to FL departure, and still had enough time to slam down laundry to the local soap house. But I'm afraid some spots may be interpretive at best.

This particular trip down south was for business purposes, but in reality, "bacation" would have been a more apt term. I got to hang out with people and get to play with ground work in the pi/pa tours. I met even more fantastic people, and hope to see them again very soon.

While not my first time hosting in FL, it was my first time in Wellington.

Talk about a different league. It was like pitching for a minor team and then being expected to pitch for the Yankees in the world series. Challenging, intriguing, hard, and lots of expectations.

Best view in town.
The sheer amount of dressage, quality horses and people is enough to send any normal dressage queen over the edge in seizures. I had the immense pleasure of hosting at Two Swans Farm with a world class riders riding under another world class rider.

I came back far more educated and a little more hungry than planned. I have a whole fun set of exercises to play with now. 

The entire weekend was incredibly productive on the organizational front, I confirmed shipping dates and I also started to get something of a schedule thrown together. Now I'm back for two more weeks of holidays, riding and packing.

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