Sunday, December 19, 2010

Teach me baby

Ah youth.

The snow pack has finally stabilized enough in some areas that walking actually feels safe again.

Sinari is now on two weeks sans turnout (hand walking up and down the aisle everyday) because I nearly busted my butt going up and down the driveway just walking. She's taking it well, but massive bribery has occurred meanwhile

Sincere though seems to be fairing very well in the recent downturn in weather. Even went out and shot a few photos of the long yearling.

It's hard to say where he's going somedays. First glance he can easily fit into the hunter mold with a nice sloping shoulder and compact build. If I took him to the line, he wouldn't be terribly out of place. But then he moves and he can move large, and being 1 and 3/4's he's actually really well balanced. Then he gallops across what, to my footing princess eyes deems challenging, without really thinking twice.

So in the end, he'll decide what he wants to do. Right now, I'm just enjoying him.

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Golden the Pony Girl said...

well whatever he decides to do he sure is cute!