Friday, December 24, 2010

Lephant in the room

Even though winter bites (falling on ice in my barn's driveway today is the highlight so far), it has provided a good opportunity to plan and plot for the upcoming months. 

During my research, I found out about the L program being held in Ohio this year and the next.

Doing the L program and, ultimately becoming a judge, has been a goal of mine since '09. 

Normally the program is held in Michigan from winter to spring, and then again in fall. Michigan from Kentucky is roughly a six hour drive, and a pill to fly into during the winter. So, I had applied, late, thinking that all spots were filled.

Received the call the other day from USDF notifying me that I am an L Judge Candidate.

This is a step in the direction where I would like to end up with my USEF card. 

Over the next two years I have to attend all sessions, and test to obtain license. I also have to finish out my score requirements, and by May, I should have most of my sitting hours completed in advance of the 2012 deadline.

I have to say, I'm really excited, but there is a challenge ahead. I need to compete, and finish out my bronze early in the year (April/May) and then buckle down for the finishing climb to FEI so things are set for the later plans.This helping run 12 clinics, a board position, a young horse to show and a full time job to balance.


Dressager said...

Congrats! That sounds so exciting!

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The Odyssey Farm said...

Congratulations! you're making me tired just thinking about it. :)