Sunday, December 5, 2010

I'm dreaming of a not-so-white Christmas

Snow came early this year. Really early. So much so that I've become intensely jealous of the riders who post on their Facebook status that they're wintering in sunny Florida.

I'm still riding and working around the barns, but the weather is making me less enthusiastic about getting out of the house, and more about curling up with a few books. Youtube is also a recent addiction, training videos give me more to work on regularly.

Sinari is doing incredibly well despite weather swings. We've managed to hold down a consistent schooling schedule. It's also December, which means a recap of goals:

-Flexion. More permeable on the inside to an adjusting aid.
Far better. Getting 30 percent more without doing twice the work is feeling great. However keeping it for a full 30 minutes can be hard.

-Transitions in and out of gaits and between gaits. Reaching more for 8's now instead of 7's.
Better, but reaction needs to be quicker. 

-Halt, reinback walk transitions
Worked on some, but not enough.

-Fit enough to run through 3-1 or 3-2.
Ran through 3-1, did well.

-Snowbird entry.
Very glad we avoided this one, we had a bad snow storm. 

Goals December:
-1/2 Pirouette to full pirouette
-Quality between-gait transitions
-Changes on different lines/set ups

December also means Christmas. Here's my wish list:

Love Back on Track products. Sinari rides in a Back on Track saddle pad. Seriously goes better because of it. Now I would like five of them, the hock boots and blanket for daily therapy.
My old schooling pair has finally become that- a schooling pair. I really need a new pair of boots.

I would like to organize my trailer for next year. Apparently we have a decent show schedule planned.

Other than the minor stuff (shadbelly, supplies, a million tax free dollars, complete state of the art barn with super footing, serum to make Sincere age about a year, ect), I feel lost as what to ask for this year.

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