Friday, December 31, 2010

Change is gonna come

52 weeks have come and gone again.

To say it was a quiet year would be an understatement. We didn't compete, just re-focused on what we needed to and handled the extraordinary circumstances that accumulated into a highly successful year.

We not only solidified ourselves for the competitive year ahead, but added a huge amount of depth and expertise to the team. It took 12 months of revamping, schooling, conditioning and re-tooling to be where we are now.

With the weather on the mend we'll see the start of the season soon and a few other things

Horsey Stuff:
  1. Condition and train through I1. Gotta nail them tempi's!
    We conditioned through PSG. She is solid there.
  2. Continue to teach and train Sincere. Make him a responsible citizen.
    More than responsible, he is growing up to be a very nice individual. I want him to grow up FASTER. 
  3. Acquire more farm implements.
    Acquired a trailer and a new truck. Bobcat lends me their Tool Cat. Does that count?
  4. Successfully execute clinics.
    We not only did that but formed the company behind them ( We hosted five, including Edward Gal and Christoph Hess. We'll see more of them next year too.
  5. Save for Embryo Transfer
    Unfortunately no. I tried, but the burden of starting a business, and paying bills on multiple things actually decimated my accounts.

Non Horsey stuff:
  1. Repair credit score, develop more savings
    Repaired, but decimated my savings. My 401k though is doing pretty good.
  2. Go to school
    Attending L program. That should count for something.
  3. Develop more 'me' time.
    Despite busy schedule I did take off a few days here and there to be away from the horses and to be with family and friends. I didn't get to travel much due to double work obligations and the WEG, but it was incredibly special to have all my friends visit all at once. 

  1. Horsey Stuff:
  2. Finish bronze
  3. Go PSG and 4th level
  4. Continue to teach and train Sincere, bring him to shows
  5. Finish first part of L program
  6. Continue to grow the business
  7. Save for 2012 breeding and in general
  8. Improve wardrobe
It's going to be an interesting time... 

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