Monday, December 13, 2010

Can't stop thinking about tomorrow

In the past two weeks, we've managed to work a total of four times.

This seriously sucks.

Even though we have an indoor, we still need to trek to it over the ice and tundra. There is the warm up that never really happens, the work that doesn't seem terribly productive and the three days of down time between rides because the temperature drops to single digits.

Then there is the pesky temperature. While Kentucky has never been known as a sub-tropical winter state, but it is also not known for snow and ice. This year, we have both, in spades. It's making life more difficult.

Sinari doesn't get turned out in foul weather, Sincere comes inside and I explore my other hobby: baking. The weather makes for jittery ponies and me wishing for a more southern location. 

But with the down time comes time for planning and plotting.

My first ultimate goal is to get holiday shopping out of the way. I've been having trouble thinking of things for people this year. 

After that, first plan is to get Sincere gelded, there is an appointment on the books to do so immediately after holiday. The boy is a little over a year and a half and is now getting the heft of a young stallion. Time for the lower lobotomy. Somedays I still wish he was a filly, but it wouldn't be the same. If not looking too bad he'll be aimed for the Sport Horse Nationals late September.

Sinari's schedule is trickier. There are a number of shows to aim for, a number of things to do and prove. The plan is to finish scores out at third level and spend the majority of the summer running through PSG. Run through PSG and hit the fall shows.

As for myself, if the USDF website would cooperate, I need to find the dates for the L program in Ohio. 

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