Sunday, October 18, 2009

Higher and higher

We finally got a break from the rain. It's been deluging non stop with bitter cold wind and unfun fall weather. It kinda made me thankful to clip Sinari when I did, otherwise, I would have a pony-sicle instead of a pony.

We've gone through our first full week of work, and right now, I'm extremely happy with the progress made to get back to form. Normally it would take about two weeks for every week off to get her back into the mental and physical condition that she's showing now. And while, I don't have her physically yet, mentally she's matured.

She also seems less stressed. Possibly because I'm less stressed.

This week's work has been comprised of round and low, lots of stretching and  reintroducing lateral work with a low-key setting. Sessions typically started at fifteen minutes and capped off the week working around 45 minutes with walk breaks in between.

She remembers everything and now, she's doing it far better.

The week went well enough where I asked for single changes again, this time, they were rounder, up hill and more through.

The activities accumulated to this week's lesson, and while it was emphatic on transitions and cleaning up some other things, we got some nice side effects like the super collected canter, three steps of half-steps in piaffe and a few other nifty tricks.

We also thought about the 2010 season that is now in progress. While I would like to actively show her, I think the time would be better suited to gaining reliable self-transportation and investing in the training. Next time I bring her out, I want it to be PSG, not third or fourth.

But right now, she's just freaking fabulous

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