Saturday, October 10, 2009

Double Entendre

I'm going to try something new. I'm going to try to do two separate posts per week. 

Sincere is not really a side note anymore, and letting him be a side note isn't really correct. He's doing just as much as Sinari in regards to training. It's hard enough trying to fit everything into one post so it's coherent, it's time for the split.

Plus he's really filling into his role as a dressage candidate.
After I settled Sinari in to her local digs, I was able to concentrate on Sincere and May, who were in desperate need of grooming and attention.

When I travel on the road to see my horses, certain bits of attention fall by the wayside to accomplish the overall goal of getting things done. May and Sincere, more often than not, find themselves with stretches of just hanging out. Finally I can spend a solid two or three hours grooming and training.

After I finished with May, including picking out burrs, trimming bridle paths and cutting witch's knots out, I started on Sincere who is going through an ADD phase.

Grooming is no issue for the young man, who is going to be fairly metro when it comes to his looks. Minus his socks, which were mud encrusted. I greased him down with liquid show sheen to keep the burrs out and began his leading lesson.

Sincere, for his age, leads and trots in hand pretty well. He ground ties and, for being young, isn't pushy. However stopping and turning not so much. Then there's the issue of the scary barn, or the scary trailer or the pile of wood.Teaching him to be brave is another thing that, while he's good at, could always be improved. I've learned over the months, never take for granted what the child gives you. What may apply one day, may not apply the next.

The problem isn't him, it's me. I want to do and show him so much. He's usually very game for it, and I want to push all the time. Have to keep the sessions short and sweet, sometimes they are and sometimes they are not.

Today we went through most of it, got him to touch the trailer, go around the wood and walk up to the barn. Stopping wasn't an issue today where he did the plant and stare fairly well, but he was easily started up again with a couple of taps from behind.

Tomorrow I'll Endo tap him. Down the road I want to introduce him to the small clippers, get him loaded in the stock trailer and get him towards working on the trailer.

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