Monday, December 21, 2009

Its beggining to look a lot like Christmas

I'm finally on a short break from work and I can catch up with a few things.

First, it snowed. Not torrential, but enough to sell out the eggs, milk and bread for the week. People are odd here about the white phenomenon. It snows, and there are at least ten accidents, a death or two and the grocer is sold out. Seriously.

The ponies are tucked away. Sinari is camping out in her ultra-thick stable blanket enjoying the periodic ride out in her newmarket sheet, Sincere is running around naked.

Sinari's and Sincere's Christmas lists are simple: food, treats, and attention. They've always been simple.

Mine however is a little more...expensive and somewhat leather induced.



Custom saddle for Sinari. Home base for the team (sans extra wattage), Petrie boots and yes, that's right ladies, a Pikeur shadbelly.

I've been eying custom saddle for sometime. In fact, I told Sinari if she went FEI, she would get one. It's getting close to time to pay the piper. Don't get me wrong I love having the Duett (actually due for a re-flock), but having something that's truly built for the both of us is something we've both been craving.

I've also been coveting a proper shadbelly and boots for when we go down the centerline at FEI. 

As for property, I have a feeling it'll happen sooner than later.

But really, what I want for the holiday is time. I want more time to train. More time to sleep and more time to just be. Everything else is going great. 

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Golden the Pony Girl said...

Oooh nice Christmas list. I would love some new show clothes, though could not justify it at this point! Glad you have reached the point where you get to buy your FEI gear. So exciting!