Thursday, December 31, 2009

Can't you see what love has done?

The holiday is finally cleared past and what remains of it, I really don't want to touch. Having the long vacation in the middle definitely made things tolerable at work. 

We're back to normal (if you can call it that). 

I'm back to riding full time and looking in at the youngin' when weather is permitting. I'm back to plotting

The year wasn't without loss. I lost my first truck due to its age-related infirmities. I lost a few mounts in July, and subsequently left that farm for quieter pastures. I lost a few responsibilities, membership to KDA, a few pounds and perhaps a few points on the IQ scale when I decided to plan out a number of major clinics for this and the next year. 

While the economy was loosing itself, I was busy finding me, I think I weathered my first bubble out alright. Even started my 401k.

But for the most part, we did well. 

Goal recap for 2009:

Horsey Stuff

  1. Final four scores for bronze
    No. I fell short at the last three. Then due to a situation change, I couldn't show for the majority of the year. Hindsight being what it is, I'm more than fine with it. I still want my bronze though.

  2. Foaling/ Find home for May
    Achieved. Sincere safely foaled out, he's now big (but thankfully not as big as his playmates) and May is safely tucked away in Michigan.

  3. Fourth level/PSG schooling
    Achieved. We ran through a trunkated version of the PSG. The movements are all there, just need the strength. We're taking this year out to get her up to par for 2011's season.

  4. More education
    I don't know whether or not I ment formal or non formal. There was plenty of formal education, but the majority I recieved was informal. Experience is the best teacher and she wolloped me soundly. I learned not to take in-kind trades anymore, to get everything in writing, keep your files straight and always be straightforward in your dealings.

  5. Begin L program
    No. I didn't have enough time or have the scores. Still interested in going after this though.

  6. Attend all scheduled shows/inspections
    No. Especially the inspections. I have my eye on GOV Oldenburg book for Sinari next year, depending on cash flow-- but again, it's all about the FEI.

  7. Expand team and promote ponies
    Achieved. I did expand the team. I did promote ponies.

  8. Successful NDPC show (and expand to three rings)
    Achieved in a roundabout fashion. According to the peanut gallery, it was a success. But I don't want credit for it.
  1. 70 mile bike
    Does the thought count? I got on a bike, found a cat and promptly crashed. During the summer we regularly went on 10 miles. But I didn't get to do any of the long distance stuff.

  2. Start school
    Erm. Yes and no. I finally settled on a degree and will be starting summer classes. But didn't get to do much in '09 due to an outstanding bill.

  3. Smile more
    Achieved. I'm overall a happier person. I can thank my physical therapist, a good pair of shoes, the boy and my pony for that.

  4. Better job.
    No. But not for the lack of trying. I was on the final call back for several interviews and even my own company was impressed with me, and is considering something down the pike
 So what's on the docket for 2010?:

Horsey Stuff:
  1. Condition and train through I1. Gotta nail them tempi's!
  2. Continue to teach and train Sincere. Make him a responsible citizen.
  3. Acquire more farm implements.
  4. Successfully execute clinics.
  5. Save for Embryo Transfer

Non Horsey stuff:
  1. Repair credit score, develop more savings
  2. Go to school
  3. Develop more 'me' time.

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